Shirts and Polo for equestrian competitions

-FeddaHorse Classic-


Our volition is to give you a luxurious, studied and reasoned item of cloth, according to your needs for comfort and style, this is how it was born this precious capsule of shirt for equestrian competition –FeddaHorse- - peculiars and stricts with a wanted design without give up completely to traditional shirt’s cut resulting elegants and chic.

FeddaHorse gives an unusual importance to finishing and to the cloth; our shirts have got that extra pinch given by details and by the combinations of importants but subtles fabrics for an items cloth with particular, beautiful and also comfortable design! We pack our shirt with soft cotton stretch fabrics, to give you also the maximum comfort respecting though the skin.

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Draw and created whit that extra touch…

The construction and the design from FeddaHorse are very important, even our Polo shirt are not an exception, designed with a dynamic style but luxurious, our Polo are realized in a fantastic stretch cotton jearsy comfort and breathability in a single both. However except for the necks that we have deliberately made in 100% cotton for a more structured collar that gives greater elegance to the item of cloth and it makes it perfect for all your competitions also in hotter days.

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