Equestrian trousers


-FeddaHorse Classic-


 -an unusual structure for an unique trouser-

An unusual structure…

These equestrian trousers are the world-class of the line –FeddaHorse Classic- strictly made in Italy and made handcrafted in all steps, tailored on your needs, they will give you comfort and freedom in the movements both on the ground and on the saddle. Infact this model structure is studied carefully, the cuts that you see on this trousers have been created to give more freedom to the knees’ movements without discomforts, furthermore FeddaHorse’s equestrian trousers include the “grip-lock” technology which brings stability to the leg creating friction with the saddle during your workouts and competitions.

After a very long search we found a beautiful cloth: resistant, two-way stretch, elegant and easy to maintain; in addition pay attention to the design with its accessories like the two comfortable front pockets, the zip closure with hook button, moreover they are worn easily thanks to the lycra inserts on the trouser’s fund which facilitate the passage of the foot.

Here at FeddaHorse, we’re never firm because we are making treasure of your advices and we have tested a new model and we can’t wait to show you the results.

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