The ideals that make us unique and are good for horses and the environment!


Fedda is a Benefit Company. What does this mean?

The law defines a common benefit as the creation of positive effects (or the reduction of negative ones) vis-à-vis individuals, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social heritage, entities and associations as well as other stakeholders. In order to become Benefit, a company have to amend its articles of association including in the object clause the aims of common benefit that it intends to pursue. This means that the company will not only pursue the purpose of profit, but also the specific purpose(s) of common benefit that it has inserted in its articles of association."  

From: www.societabenefit.net


Green Soul

We have chosen, also, to be Green and Sustainable as much as possible.
Luckily, more and more people are now aware of the importance of the protection of the environment; they try to avoid waste and make more conscious choices, slightly modifying their lifestyle.

Fedda is no exception and wants to play its part as a benefit company. We share with you some passages of our Company Statute where you can read that we aim :

- to use high standard materials and cooperate with professional manufacturers, respecting the dignity of the workers, the suppliers and the clients;

- to minimize the pollution using production processes and materials that reduce waste and maximize the efficiency ;

- to sponsor events, workshop, fairs concerning the activity present in the social object of the Company and particularly focused on sustainability. 



Unity is stregth: that's why we searched for the cooperation with some realities that made the respect and the protection their workhorses – literally!

We decided to create a special model of leggings for each of our partners; part of the revenues from the sales of these designs will be donated to the association or sport club to carry on their projects of recovery or rehabilitation of "discarded" horses or equines saved from abuse. 



The main idea behind this project is to document, through several short videos suitable for the social networks, the transition to a Natural Horse Management and the conversion from race horse to hackney of Keep On Search, English Thoroughbred young mare rescued from the racetrack. The videos are thought to be not only informative but also useful tips regarding the issues connected to the transition. Giulia chose a discarded Thoroughbred firstly moved by an ethical vision, that is giving a second chance to one of those “to get rid of” horses not fast enough for the track, and secondly because it could be a great example to face all the passages to the new Natural Management. The Thoroughbred are well-known for being very “sensitive” horses under many points of view and sometimes it can be very difficult to turn them to a satisfying natural care; in Giulia's opinion, documenting this journey is a way to help both who is in the same situation and the owners of more rough horses.

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To portray what Alice does every day we choose to borrow her own words: "For years I've heard about a horse very different from the one I had the honor to meet. A bashful, fearful and mad animal, to be contained and controlled, since strong and dangerous. I want to tell you about the other horse, the animal of which few people talk about. A sensitive and gentle being, curious and brave, social and sociable; capable of approaching the human with affection and dedication, able to comprehend and help, an incredible companion”. From many years, Alice welcomes horses – and animals in general – coming from mental and physical miserable situations, or bound to be slaughtered. Part of the revenues from the sale of the related collection will be donated to the center in order to help the rescued horses and let Alice and her team guarantee them a decent life, giving those animals the possibility to restore their faith in human beings, often lost.

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