We are Fedda! This is our story.


Our story starts a few years ago, when Federica “Fedda”, with a tiny laboratory and a computer, decides to combine his passion for fashion – she studied, in fact, as a designer and tailor – with horse riding. Diablo, her horse, is the major source of inspiration for the first t- shirts' drawings.

In 2018, with the arrival of Veronica, the team is complete. “Fedda Horse” changes the name into “Fedda” and focuses on the creation of horse riding clothing, in particular riding breeches, leggings and jeans, enclosing in three products all the styles, for an all-around vision of horse riding.

By choice, we produce our clothes rigorously in Italy, with high standard materials, preferring eco-friendly textiles and employing the best professional manufacturers. One of the goals of Fedda is to help reducing the impact of fashion on the environment. Our clothes are, in fact, made to endure and not to be thrown away soon: in order to achieve this, we use only the best raw materials, perfectly tested to guarantee top performances and durability. 


The fabric of our leggings is 100% recycled and boasts several different international certifications that assure its sustainability. The ribbon, the jacquard rubber band with the logo and the useful pocket, sealed with a zip, are the key features of this design.
The classic breeches, inspired by the traditional English horse riding pants, are made to ensure maximum comfort in the saddle without turning down elegance, thanks to the moulage tailoring and the employment of fabrics and yarn of extreme quality.
Our jeans too, made out of organic cotton, own a prestigious certification GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard); the absence of sewing on the internal part of the leg, almost unique characteristic for a pair of jeans but core feature for a true pair of riding jeans, enhances the sensitivity and reduces the friction.

Fedda is the expression of our joy of living, the wish of a world more colorful, happy, light and right for everyone. To do something concrete, from May 28th 2020 we settled up as a Benefit Company.

In every single piece we cut there's a part of us and of our love for the equestrian world. We tailor our products with extreme care and attention, striving to give you not just a pair of pants but also a new vision of this gorgeous universe and of the amazing animals that are our life companions. 

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